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Civil Money Penalty Reinvestment Program Revisions


The CMPRP Revisions (QSO-23-23-NH), released in September 2023, provide a clear outline of the new guidelines "for projects to support the quality of care and life for nursing homes residents in a consistent and equitable manner".  It is important that you read and understand the Revisions and ensure that your project meets the qualifications. 


Please answer the following questions, submit, and wait for a response from our review team before moving forward with the pre-screening application below.

What type of project do you want to implement?
Will you need more than $5,000 per facility per year to implement your project in each facility?
Which category does your project fall under?
North Carolina CMP Application Pre-Screening 

This is a pre-screening of potential CMP project applications by the NC Civil Money Penalty Reinvestment Program.  This is NOT an application for CMP funding.  Applications are located on our website and available for download.  If you have not received any communication from us with 72 hours after submitting your application please contact Brandi Jordan at 919-937-7459 or at  

Please check all that apply
To your knowledge, has this project been implemented in NC or another State before?

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch with you soon.

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