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Civil Money Penalty Reinvestment Program Revisions

QSO 23-23-NHs

The CMPRP Revisions were rolled out on September 25, 2023 after a 5 month review of the Civil Money Penalty Reinvestment Program by CMS.  In revising the structure of this program, CMS' goals are to "better define application criteria, clarify allowable and non-allowable uses of CMP funds, and establish funding maximums."  All information provided on this page comes directly from QSO-23-23-NHs

Important Info with the New Revisions

Previously Submitted Applications: (updated guidance from CMS - 10/10/2023) 

All previously submitted applications, that have not received approval, denial, or any other feedback, are now considered closed. The CMPRP Team will not be further reviewing any previously submitted applications that have not received approval, denial, or any other feedback. CMS encourages applicants to review all application documentation and the following actions above. Please see the link to the QSO-23-23-NHs document: For further information on the CMP application process, guidelines, and requirements, please refer to the CMP Reinvestment Application Resources ZIP and the Allowable and Non-Allowable Uses of CMP Funds ZIP on the CMS CMPRP webpage under Downloads.   

1. If you believe your original application still meets ALL of the new criteria for CMP funding, you may resubmit your application with no changes to the proposed project to the State CMPRP Liaison.

2. If your original application does not meet ALL of the new criteria for CMP funding, you may revise your application to meet the criteria, and resubmit your application.

3. If your original application does not meet ALL of the new criteria for CMP funding and cannot be revised to meet the criteria (e.g., the original application was for a project that is now listed as non-allowable do not resubmit an application for CMP funding.

CMS encourages applicants to review all application documentation, including the Frequently Ask Questions Documents on the CMP Reinvestment Resources file weblink prior to submitting an application.


Resident or Family Councils

Maximum allowed funding $5,000 per nursing home (one-time funding)

Consumer Information

Maximum allowed funding $5,000 per nursing home (one-time funding)

Activities to Improve QOL

Maximum funding allowed $5000 per nursing home per year for each topic (max of $15,000 per year for three-year project)

Global PHE Applications

Maximum funding allowed $3000 per nursing home per funding type

Allowable Uses of CMP Funds

Training to Improve Quality of Care

Maximum allowed funding $5000 per nursing home (max of $15,000 for a three-year project)

CMPRP will continue to fund administrative and travel costs for State Agencies as well as provide Emergency Use for States to provide support and protect residents of facilities that close or are decertified.  These changes are effective September 25, 2023.

Projects that CMP will No Longer Fund


Nursing Workforce

"CMS is committed to improving the nursing home workforce. As announced on September 1, 2023, CMS plans to launch a national campaign to help increase the nursing workforce in nursing homes. More information on this campaign will be released in the future, and there will be opportunities for states to partner with CMS on this program. To avoid duplication, CMS will no longer accept Nursing Workforce applications for CMP funding."


Highly Sophisticated Technology

"We will no longer approve CMP funding for complex or highly-sophisticated technology projects, such as telemedicine, virtual reality, or artificial intelligence. These types of projects typically have high costs that, if adopted broadly, would quickly exceed the available amount of CMP funds, preventing access to all nursing homes and resulting in inequity. While some of these projects may have merit, we want to ensure all nursing home residents have access to basic services and beneficial projects before funding more sophisticated services in only a few nursing homes, creating inequity."

Mental Health.webp

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

"CMS is committed to improving the quality of care for residents with underlying serious mental illness (SMI) and/or substance use disorder (SUD). CMS has partnered with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to launch a national Center of Excellence, which provides technical support and training to nursing homes to help care for individuals with SMI and/or SUD. Nursing homes are encouraged to pursue accessing SAMHSA’s training and technical assistance. To avoid duplicative funding, CMS will not accept applications for similar projects. We note dementia care may continue to be funded as it does not fall under this initiative. To obtain information and access to this program, visit

Examples of Non-Allowable Uses of CMP Funding

CMPRP will not provide funding for the following.  These criteria are NOT all-inclusive.  

  • Conflict of Interest Prohibitions

  • Duplication

  • Capital Improvements

  • Nursing Home Services and Supplies

  • Supplementary Funding of Federally Required Services

  • Complex Technology (review LIST of non-allowed technology)

  • Research

  • Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN/QIO) Approved Projects

  • Charging for Nursing Home Employee Salary

  • Palliative Care Services

  • Dental, Vision, Hearing Services

  • Incentives

  • Overlap with State Functions

  • Previously Denied CMPRP Projects

  • Telemedicine Services and Equipment

  • Prohibited Budget Items

  • Mental Health & Behavioral Health Support CMP Applications

You can download this list with more information HERE

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