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CMP Reinvestment Projects

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A CMP reinvestment project is considered an "extension project" if it is identical in project details to a project approved after April 1, 2018 (same applicant, same project focus, but to a new nursing home population). Applicants applying for an extension of an approved CMP reinvestment project to new nursing home location(s), do not have to complete the entire application.

CMP Reinvestment Application

The CMP Reinvestment Application forms can be downloaded by using the links below.  Remember that you MUST include the State Agency's letter of support and applicable project data with your application.  

Additional information about the CMP Extension can be found at Civil Money Penalty Reinvestment Program | CMS

A list of Non-Allowable Uses of CMP Funds can be found on the CMS website.  This list includes examples of projects/products that cannot use CMPRP funding.

Project applications previously denied by CMS cannot be resubmitted.  

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