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Applicants submitting a new CMP project application in North Carolina will need to download both the NC RFA and the CMS 508 application forms.  There is a budget template that is also recommended for use with your application.  This needs to be submitted as a separate document with your final application and not embedded as part of your project narrative.  

NC Request for Applications

CMS 508

The CMS 508 application is the template that an applicant needs to follow when developing the CMP application.  The applicant will need to ensure that each section is outlined in the application, including a cover letter addressed to CMS.  You will also need to ensure that you have vetted any subcontractors or partnering organizations against the Federal Exclusion List.  Pages 6-9 and 12 should be completely filled out and submitted to NCDHHS with your application.

Once an application is complete, it should be submitted electronically to


North Carolina DHHS/Division of Health Service Regulation offers the Culture Change Enhancement Grant through the North Carolina Culture Change Coalition.  The RFA process can be found on the NCDHHS website, as well as the download link provided on this page. 

Applications are submitted to North Carolina for review only.  CMS is responsible for final approval of projects.   North Carolina currently has an open application process.  There is no deadline for application submission.  Once applications are approved by CMS, the applicant/grantee will enter a contract with NCDHHS.

Important Info about Project Categories

CMS requires that Letters of Commitment from each participating facility be submitted with the project application.  Recruitment of facilities or adding additional facilities to the project are not permitted after the project has been approved.  Additionally, facilities that are participating in more than one CMP-funded project are only permitted to do this as long as the projects do not fall under the same project category.  A list of project categories is available on p. 6-8 of the CMPRP Revisions.

North Carolina provides a list of current CMP projects, their project categories, and the participating facilities.  You are encouraged to view this LIST before reaching out to facilities to avoid solicitating a facility that is unable to participate in your project. 

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