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Our History

The NCCCC has a rich history, dating back almost 30 years in North Carolina.  In fact, the NCCCC was previously the NC Eden Alternative Coalition and was formed in 1996, 16 years before the Civil Money Penalty Reinvestment Program was enacted by CMS. The Eden Alternative concept, founded by Bill Thomas in 1991, resonated with 28 individuals in North Carolina who came together to form the NCEAC, later the NCCCC. According to long time NCCCC member, Dr. Kaye Brown, "From its inception, the Coalition has focused on educating long-term care providers for enhancing the environments in which they operate, mentoring homes that wish to apply for grants to develop their home’s enhancement projects, and continuing to represent the State's regulatory interests in long-term care."


In 1997, the first educational conference was held in Raleigh and attended by 450 participants.  Following the elements of the Eden Alternative, the State’s grant program for environmental enhancements in long-term care began the same year.  In 1998, thirteen long-term care facilities in North Carolina implemented aspects of the Eden Alternative concept using $15,000 grants per home from Civil Monetary Penalty funds collected by the State.  By 1999, the maximum grant allowance was raised to $24,000 per grant. 


By 2002, forty NC nursing homes reported being affiliated with the Eden Alternative and by 2003, almost one-third of all SNFs in NC reported practicing environmental enhancements associated with the Culture Change concept. 


When CMS enacted the CMPRP program in 2012, this grant program aimed at de-institutionalizing medical-model care homes while providing enhancements that residents can enjoy. The Coalition began using the CMPRP as its principle tool for implementing Culture Change in long-term care facilities. However, our Coalition was well ahead of implementing Culture Change in NC’s long-term care facilities before the CMPRP was enacted.


Today, the North Carolina Culture Change Coalition is the oldest continuously serving culture change organization in the United States and continues to serve as NC's principle organization for long-term culture change in nursing homes. Our volunteers meet monthly and work together to fulfill the Coalition's mission through outreach activities, education, mentoring, and support.  Our members invite all who share their mission to consider joining them on this journey and become a valued partner on the nation’s oldest continuously operating Culture Change Coalition. 


History provided by Dr. Kaye Brown


*Founding Members of the CoalitionAnne Carter, Anita Tesh, Barbara Hearne, Beverly Kilpatrick, Carolyn Hill, Edith Bigler, Emilie Swearingen, Evonne Washburn, Janet Herzberg, Jeane Bare, Jim Hayes, Kelly Towe Hanson, Lea Staton, Marian Sigmon, Marlene Chasson, Michele Fontaine, Miriam Stermer, Nancy Easterling, Patty Suggs, Polly Godwin, Richard Blackmon, Roberta Bolduc, Stacy Flannery, Tom Schoenvogel, Wanda Peters, Wendy Sauce and Yvette Porterfield

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