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Important Information & Announcements

North Carolina CMP Fund Balance (updated 03/31/2023)
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE:   No deadline. NC accepts applications on an on-going basis at this time

  • EXPECTED DECISION DEADLINE: There is no decision deadline estimate. Applicants will be kept informed of their application status.

  • MAX. ALLOWABLE FUNDING: No maximum as long as funds are available in the CMP budget.  The current fund balance does not include money set aside for Emergency Use funding or funds obligated for current CMP projects.

  • PERIOD OF SUPPORT:   Projects may not exceed 36 months per CMS guidelines

CMP Applicants are encouraged to complete a pre-screening

If you are planning to apply for CMP funding, we encourage you to complete a pre-screening and give us the opportunity to discuss you project with you before you begin.  This will allow us to provide you with guidance and helpful information.  Click HERE to begin your pre-screening.

**pre-screenings are not required by the applicant nor are they a guarantee of future funding by CMS or NCDHHS

Writing an application

Temporary Changes to CMP

Application Process

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