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Emergency Funding

Storm Clouds

Emergency funding is specific to disasters that cause facility closures and displacement of residents.  North Carolina maintains a limited emergency fund as part of the Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Program and is intended to provide emergency financial assistance to residents in the following situations:

  • Provide financial assistance to Medicare-only, Medicaid-only, and dually-certified nursing facilities in the event of facility closure (voluntary/involuntary) to ensure for adequate care, safety, and discharge/relocation of residents

  • Loss of resident property in the event of a qualifying disaster **

A qualifying disaster is defined as any of the following events:

  • Hurricane/Flood

  • Fire/explosion

  • Tornado

  • Other storm damage (i.e. wind, hail, lightning)

** Conditions apply regarding the loss of resident property, including the coverage provided by the facility's insurance.

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