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What is...?

What is... Culture Change? 

Culture change is the name given to the the transformation of older adult services, based on person-centered values and practices where the voices of elders and those working most closely with them are solicited, respected and honored. Core values are relationship, choice, dignity, respect, self-determination and purposeful living.Culture change supports the creation of both long and short-term living environments as well as home and community-based settings where both older adults and their care partners/caregivers are able to express choice and practice self-determination in meaningful ways at every level of daily life.

What is... Person-Centered Care? 

An approach to care that honors and respects the voice of individuals and those working closest with them. It involves a continuing process of listening, trying new approaches, seeing how they work, and changing routines and organizational approaches in an effort to individualize and de-institutionalize the care (e.g., nursing home or assisted living) environment.   ALSO: resident-centered, relationship-centered

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