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EP301: Catastrophic Events Preparedness - Putting it All Together

Don't miss this LAST opportunity to attend this emergency preparedness training, offered by the University of Louisville!  The training will be offered in-person and virtually and is FREE.  CEs are available to nurses and NHAs! 

March 7-8, 2024

Offered Virtually & In-Person

Event hosted by the University of Louisville, School of Kent.  LTC2Prepare is funded through the NC Emergency Preparedness CMP Training for Long Term Care Facilities Project CMS Request #2020-04-NC-0204 and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Contract # 00045852.


For additional information, please contact Diana Jester


Sexuality & Older Adults:
A Long Term Care Perspective

Presented by Hillary Kaylor, Regional Ombudsman Program Manager and Patricia Cowan, Regional Ombudsman, with Centralina Area Agency on Aging, this webinar will take a dive into the facts and myths of older adults and sexuality, and provide tips on how caregivers should be prepared to respond.

February 28, 2024

Via Zoom  |  10:00 Am EST

Sex is a natural, healthy part of life and a subject of interest to people of all ages, but the way people respond to changes in their sex lives varies with individual situations and views.  For some, sex has not played an important role in their life, but for others, maintaining healthy sexuality continues to be very important well into their later years.  For many of people who live in long-term care, their illness or circumstances create misunderstandings of their sexual activity. Join us for our next webinar session, where our Centralina Area Agency on Aging Regional Ombudsmen will explore the myths and facts regarding older adults and sexuality and tips for caregivers on how to become better prepared to recognize and cope with uninvited sexual behaviors.

Training developed and hosted by Centralina Area Agency on Aging as part of their Training for Aging Service Professionals.

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